Tuesday , November 30 2021

Cameroon: a profit of 1.7 billion CFA francs of electricity in 2017 (report)


Although it was 22.42 to 19.63 billion FCFA, the net result of the year was considered "relatively interesting" as a better performance of financial activity (reductions and financial provision, financial costs).

Comparably, the yield was increased by 8.5% between the two periods by higher sales and other capitalized revenue and production of the change in campaign compensation (4.25%). billion FCFA) after an increase in demand, increased sales of energy and other products (11 billion).

Eneo, the same time, reports the increase in capitalized production (24.4 billion FCFA), while reporting is a reduction in the transfer of capitalization costs (-15.1 billion FCFA).

The sale of operators increased by 4% compared to 2016, although the expectation of & # 39; The works are 1.71 billion FCFA and the lifting of operational facilities are 8%.

The surgery fund is also increased by CFAF 4,25 billion in 2017, or CFAF 24.5 billion, resulting from tariff compensation after the blockade by the government of # 39; Increasing tariffs for consumers, by 2018 CFAF 20.2 billion. , a variation that is mainly related to the difference between the reaches and the minimum permit.

The electricity, a subsidiary of the British investment fund Actis, also saw its other products grow by 4.9 billion FCFA in comparison to 2016, while its business expenses were 10%.

In 2017, Eneo decides to link 99,431 new families and businesses to the electricity network, making the number of active clients up to 1,204,372 at the end of the year after a growth of 4.8%, a change in & # 39; The customer base is 7.44% between 2014 and 2017, an electricity accessibility of about 62% and a general decrease of 30% of non-fated energy.

Under the problems that have been hit in the last financial year, the trader reports the thrilling situation of # The cash position of the company, the relocation of # 39; the overhaul and distribution networks, the decline in the introduction of the water gain. Election (South), endangered by and consequently, "two major cuts that guarantee the quality of service and carry us all out".

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