Tuesday , May 11 2021

Brexit: the growth of British growth is confirmed

The British growth has had a really good time between the month of August and the month of October.

The number one digit will be published by the National Office of National Statistics (ONS) and rather rather by the vote of the British Parliament on the Brexit, which has taken place on Tuesday.

Last week, the Bank of England has recently concluded the consistency of divorce with the European Union on the UK economy, including employment and inflation.

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The growth rate of 0.4% at the third quarter was a bailout, but retained its second-highest level of justice.

For the British Commercial Chamber, this digit is a pre-emptive review "The incertitude around Brexit and the price of the price that consumers have and the companies have an impact on the British economy".

The sterling silver has an effect that has reached its lowest level above 18 months. Outcome, all that is imported more expensive than the companies that invest in investing.

If the service sector suffers from growth, industrial production and revenues tend to recall 0.6% and octobre.

Even though Brexit has never been approved by the British Parliament, the companies are inquisitive: the greater the incertitude will be, plus the economic risk of staggering to the effect of ralentir.

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