Tuesday , June 6 2023

Blues – Fortunately, there is a goalkeeper for the French team.


Alphonse lloris (Hugo) (P. Rahal / Team)


Yes, France is a world champion for four years. However, since September, the benefits of Blues are not really at the level. As evidence, the best performances are often on the guard's credit.

Once again, the French team returned to the goalkeeper on Friday to avoid a big shipwreck in the Netherlands. Hugo Lloris was an imperialist again in Rotterdam as a good captain. Tottenham's goalkeeper, who played 107 games on the clock, is the most played player in France. But in many games he is one of the main sponsors for the good results of Blues. Whenever anyone wonders if Paul Pogba or Antoine Griezmann is the true owner, perhaps the answer can be found elsewhere. Already in the World Cup, the three-color goalkeeper was great. In his first game against Australia, he lifted the suspension to avoid releasing the Socceroos score. We lost 1-0 to Australia but the deal could be very different in the rest of the course. He also rescued several houses in the quarterfinals, including a massive strike against Uruguay. If France is the champion of the world, it is not for nothing …

After this coronation, the blues game is tough, do not interfere, the gatekeeper is often the best in the meadow. In front of Iceland on October 11, Lloris teammates are close to the prison. With this, France was able to return to the 2-2 level thanks to the excellent parade of former goalkeeper Lyon. In one act he performed four splendid parades, but the blues played a bitter game, avoiding catching water. Stade de France (Germany) and the blues claim. In the first half, Werner repeated the German break, especially in the German Werner footwork or in the match against Ginter. This Friday on the Dutch Hugo Loris once again defeated the Blues to a real shipwreck despite the defeat. He was the best Frenchman in the game and he was far away. He scored nine goals in 90 minutes, including three against Lyon striker Depay. But shortly after the World Cup, Nice was injured and very concerned with sports concerns (loss of license). Back in the race, the show was not one of Tottenham and Rendezvous. I believe that the French team sublimates it.

Areola already saved a house.

The most worrying thing about the French team is that the goalkeeper is doing their best for several matches. If he is not Hugo Loris, his replacement will follow. Lloris, who had been injured shortly after the World Cup, had to be eliminated from his League of Nations first game in Germany. With the injured Mandanda, the chance to shine was beautiful for Alphonse Areola. But he did not expect too much light. PSG goalkeeper Marco Reus then parade six times. A record of 10 years at that time. Although it is a trip to Germany, France has just been selected as world champion and we did not expect the Areola men of the game.

Please board for defense!

It is true that the defense of the French team has been going on for months. The coach was injured when four games had not come down since September in the World Cup. Varane, Umtiti, Hernandez, Mendy … all injured or wounded, forced to rebuild the defense. This also adds to the bad performance of the "alternate". For the Dutch, if Presnel Kimpembe had not been bad, his previous picnic was not the best. As far as the side is concerned, the situation is even worse. Pavard, Sidib√©, or Digne, nobody reached that level. Lack of automation and talent to explain the many requests of French guards in recent months.

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