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Bleus: This success, this cause after France-Australia, the lineage with Jacquet … Didier Deschamps is livre

Publié le 9 décembre 2018 à 23H30 – mise à jour le 10 décembre 2018 à 07H17

Rémi Farge

Invite a companion of his staff on the Bein Plate, Didier Deschamps has launched a number of subjects at the moment of remembrance of the World Cup 2018. The selector of the France team has, in particular, been successful in pursuing his success a certain Zinedine Zidane.

  • L'après Deschamps avec Zidane?

Aux command from France's Euro 2012 team, Didier Deschamps, has been co-hosted with FFF jusqu'en 2020. "I've been rewarded with Laurent Blanc and it has been forced to quell for my success, and smile sélectionneur sur BEIN Sports. There are many things that you can do with the fact that you have a great deal of time that you have to deal with a lot more than that. Je le vis très bien. »And to replace the moment, DD is a petition: "It's a way to get to a moment or another, this is Zizou's verdict that's not going to happen on another mission …" The message has passed.

  • La causerie après France-Australie

Right now this World Cup 2018 is announced by the cameras TF1, the musical causal of Didier Deschamps after the victory against Australia in opening the tournament (2-1). "It's not the habit of doing it but it's an important moment for basculer. The voulais see them, images and statistics on the app, which continue to be the case in this case, and explains the selection of Bleus. "C'est après une victoire, et c'est important, car in the habitude of doing this genre of critique after a defeat. Later, Didier considered that the victory was not good, the complainant was joined by Guy Stéphan. The fact is that the debate on another composition against Peru, and this composition is all right at the end. »

Aimé Jacquet received a homage to Didier Deschamps.

  • La petition avec Jacquet

As a photo of him and Aimé Jacquet before the coup d'état of preparations for the match between France and the United States, early June in Lyon, is apparent on the screens, the attitude of Didier Deschamps is illuminated. "Elle est belle cette image, elle me fait plais pleaisir", at-il souri, ému, avant développé le filiation avec le selecteurneur des champions du monde 1998. "J'ai tenu à ce qu'il vienne pour ce match . Comme ça ne s'est pas très bien pasé, il n'a pas voulu venir dans le vestiaire après … J'aurai a respect éternel pour Aimé. The continuation of the expenses with the reader is retired from the actuality. »

  • The Rabiot casebook has been developed

Un extrait dévoilé par BEIN Sports Earlier in the evening, a happy reply to Didier Deschamps's musical reply to Adrien Rabiot, screenwriter of France's team from the World Cup. "I have the impression that you are a member of a player who has been very well with the France team. If so, look at the cinq matches that we have with ourselves ", in particular, declaring the selection. The topic has been developed so far. «Il ne faut not minimiser la décision qu'il a prise. By comparison, this shows that maillot, by reporting the message that the players have for 2012, avoiding this attitude, not! »The two men who have not been re-elected from the Paris Decision will not appear in the list of suppliers.

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