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Batteries in the process of competing with gas and coal

In the fall in the price of batteries, combining sun or wind with storage is often cheaper than a gas or cooling plant.

Autumn is dramatic: the cost of electricity supplied by lithium-ion batteries has been $ 187 per MWh since the first half of 2018, a recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance report (BNEF). At the same time, the official wind and photovoltaics are also cheaper to reach, making them $ 50 and US $ 57 per MWh respectively, for projects where construction started in 2019, 10% and 18% less than in year ago.

These BNEF estimates, based on information about 7,000 projects worldwide, on the discounted cost of energy, or LCOE, an indicator that is often not used in any electricity sector, complies with all production costs present . divided by the amount of energy products.

"Cleaner technologies break the balancing role that gas plants have hoped to play."

Tiffen Brandily

Analyst at BNEf

Since 2010, the LCOE per MWh has been increased by 49% from offshore wind, which is 56% from offshore wind and 84% from large photovoltaic. That of lithium-ion batteries has disappeared since 2012 by 76%, the BNEF report estimates based on recent project costs and historical battery prices.

this one Impressive improvements in the cost of lithium-ion batteries open up new opportunities. Batteries that are installed in the same place as solar or wind projects are starting to be competitive, on many brands and without subsidies, with coal and gas power plans for supplying controlling electricity, BNEF says. Electricity can now be delivered if the grille needs it, and not just when the wind stays or the sun shines.

"Photovoltaics and onshorewine have won the races for the cheapest massive products in most countries, but the provision of clean technologies goes beyond that, urging the balancing role that beta-operators of gas-blooded plants, in particular, expect to play ", says Tiffen Brandily, energy science analyst at BNEF, in a statement.

Gas plants, which have been used mainly for special issues in recent years, will lose battery competition & # 39; A customer can come to cover this peak demand for a few hours.

Serious mist

Some seriousness, only: While improved technologies and scales have helped, the battery price helps, the explosion of a & quot; question & quot;, especially in & # 39; the United States and South Korea have already led to blinking points. strangulation in & # 39; s delivery chain.

And a battery-powered tree for the electrical sector, which is added to those needed for electrical appliances, would have dramatic environmental impacts, according to mineral qualities you should be released.

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