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Barcelona | Barcelona – Controversy: When Malcom reveals the background of the exchange with Messi!


Val – Barcelona

November 15, 2018 0h30, A.M.

Standing at the forefront of the invisible debut stage, Malcom talked about the importance of Lionel Messi for this renewal.

Malcolm I come back from the street. A few days ago Brazil played only 25 minutes in all competitions. However, with the injury of Philippe CoutinhoOusmane DembéléMalcom is coming back. Bordeaux, who scored in the Champions League match against Inter Milan (1-1) Betis Saville Riga (3-4). and Malcolm I guarantee it. Lionel Messi He played a leading role in his return.

"He goes with me, it is an honor, I will never forget"

" Messi is the best in the world for me. It is very difficult to know where he is going because he never knows what he will do. I have the opportunity to play with him every day, not to everyone. We talked a bit in the tunnel before the game against Betis began. When he had the ball, he called to make a call. He will find me. He looks for space because he is an alien to football. People who always want to benefit from the group are the reasons they are in charge. He strives to give the maximum to his partner and always advises him to do his best. He knows how to motivate you. I, he accompanies me, it is an honor, I will never forget it. "assurance Malcolm In an interview ESPN Whose opinion is Val Mercato.

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