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Appeal against fake medicine in Touba: An arrest decision against Woury Diallo


The President of the Court of Appeal of Thies Appeal Court, Judge Souleymane Teliko, yesterday made an international arrest decision against Guinea's Mamadou Wealth Dialogue, following the Touba Belel drug counterfeit trial. Mr. Diallo received a presidential pair on April 4, 2019.

The higher appeal of Touba Belel's counterfeit drug case was cleared yesterday at the Thies Court of Appeal Court. The President of the Criminal Court, Judge Souleymane Teliko, confirmed the conviction at first instance by the Diourbel Court, after which Barra Sylla and his co-accused Mamadou Wourse Diallo were convicted, respectively, up to seven and five years in prison. Judge Teliko has issued an international arrest warrant against the Guinean Mamadou Wealth Dialogue, budgeted last April, and lowered with 25 million CFA francs the damage it was originally at 200 million.

"Good administration still has good distribution
of justice "
This court decision annoys Bara Sylla's lawyer, Me Khassimou Toure, who said he would appeal to law. He feels his client is sacrificed. He says: "In this case, it's still not a good administration of justice yet a fair division of justice, because in Senegalese it's offered for obscure interests." The black dress adds: "The decision that was given is bad about being condemned to a good Senegalese, while an outsider played an active role in the commission and the & # 39 commission "The crime was exfiltered from our procedure. We do not understand and we do not understand the meaning of this decision." Ms Khassimou Touré continues: "We still have legal remedies. After reflection, we will try to borrow them. And this is the way of a deposit. "In & # 39; a view of Bara Sylla's lawyer, "does not fulfill my decision, even if it was by extraordinary damage and interest in the order of 400 million CFA francs" Dedicated to pharmacists are reduced to just proportions, that is, 50 million CFA francs.

Satisfaction of one's civilian parties
On the other hand, the Union of Private Pharmacists of Senegal, like the civilian party, have in turn expressed their satisfaction with the decision of & # 39; a court handed over by the Thies Court of Appeal. Dr. Assane Diop, leader of this union, thinks that "it is a victory, not that of a pharmacist, but of the Senegalese citizen and of public health. To this issue much in the news but the only thing that is important to remember is that these counterfeit drugs are responsible for 800 thousand deaths, according to Oms, in Africa, and that was in 2015 ". The president of the Senegalese Private Pharmacy Union asks him "if today no million people have been killed in Africa per day because of these counterfeit drugs." According to Dr. Diop, "it was a fight for public health and public security. And the rest is a fight that has just been won, but the fight will continue. We will continue to work more with the strength of & # 39; legislation, with the authorities and the people, so that everywhere in Senegal we can apply the pharmaceutical regulation ". After him, the defense lawyer Abdoulaye Babou rejoices: "We won the battle at 100%, but we have to win the war until the destruction of the sale of counterfeit drugs." "We had basically fought against the grace that was illegally gained by Mamadou Wourse Dialogue. And the Court of Appeal just proved us in the rejection of" the mercy afforded by President Macky Sall to saying that this court is entitled to judge Mamadou Wourie Diallo, the five-year sentence imposed on Mamadou Wourse Diallo was confirmed, "Better, he goes on," the confirmation of his sentence was linked to an arresting board. it is in all respects a victory. "And to note:" We will not care to take the stop "exequaturated" in Guinea and anywhere in Africa where "Mamadou Wealth Dialogue" will be stopped ".

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