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According to Babamar Sy Abdou, Gamu, a platform for reproducing prophetic models


Tivaouane, November 7 (APS) – Tidal marabout Babacar Sy Abdou commemorated the religious city on November 19 as a platform to describe and reproduce the model on Wednesday in Tivaouane, Mawlid or Gamou, commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad . prophecy.

& # 39; & # 39; The meaning of "purgatory" is to re-examine the Prophet's (PBU) behavior, not to show off the crowd, visit, or the rice truck we are taking. "Adherence," said Ndiol Fouta, nicknamed Babacar Sy.

He spoke to reporters at Mosque Esplanade in Tivaouane, a prelude to Gamou's celebration focused on the theme "Religion, Peace and Prosperity."

According to marabout, the disciples who participated in this religious event should be "the best word to adhere to until next year" among the messages broadcast in this case.

In the case of Babacar Sy Abdou, "this memory of the perfect model" is useful when the Prophet (PBUH) "does not know where to go".

"You have a good model for Allah and Messenger of Allah and hopeful people in the last days," he said, citing Qur & # 39; an.

He said that the prophet was "very honest" and even the critics knew that they were safe with him, not hesitating to leave his property to him. So he nicknamed Al-Amine (trustworthy). He added, "The prophet will suffice as a model."

At the same time he declared that "all Senegalese follow God's way" in order to avoid the defects of societies like slander and to promote peace and harmony at the same time.

To the driver who would deliver Tivaouane thousands of faithful people, he asked, "Measure the weight and sacredness of human life."

"Be slow and slow." He warned me not to rush to maximize his benefits in the face of ignoring all security measures.

Babacar Sy Abdou urged residents of the visiting city Gamou to show hospitality and encouraged visitors to adopt a "good deed" until returning.

Marabout addressed the theme of "Religion, Peace and Prosperity" in the Gamou 2018 International Conference on Saturday and Sunday, "We demand peace every day, but we do not provide a way for us to get it. not.

"Our temple is full, our prayers are full of demands for peace." He shouted "blasphemy" of human life. "Everyone has a responsibility to build a peaceful society," he said.

This meeting will be a framework for exchanging religious coexistence experiences among the various nations to Abdoul Hamid Sy, coordinator of the meeting, thanks to a partnership between Zawiya Tijaniyya Cell (CEZAT) and the International Religious Peace Corps (IIPC) . , Mali and Mauritania will be coming.

He said it would be a platform to show "Senegal exceptions" in terms of religious cohabitation.

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