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Abdelaziz Gorgi, an atypical course and a fun job to discover

Exhibition Gorgi

He was a figurine house of Tunisian art world for decades, Abdelaziz Gorgi died in 2008, leaving an unlucky legacy.

This heritage is the topic of an earlier exhibition in # Palais Kheireddine in & # 39; the Medina of Tunis. The choice for the place of exhibition is not arbitrary: it is a journey back to the sources. Abdelaziz Gorgi, a gardening family, was born in Medina, and he never really left. They pervert their works.

"Gorgi is the child of Medina, the children of men, we have chosen this place," said Abdelaziz Gorgi's daughter and the gallery holder Aicha Gorgi, HuffPost Tunisia.

During the hugration of the exhibition, Friday, December 7, the president of # 39; The Republic, Béji Caid Essebsi, accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Mohamed Zine El Abidine, to discover hundreds of works.

Abdelaziz Gorgi was no stranger to politics. He was part of a generous tonic figures of the political, economic and cultural world that had built Tuscan post-independence. The exhibition reflects it by photos taken alongside many people of Habib Bourguiba, Mahmoud Messadi, Jules Lellouche and others.

Exhibition Gorgi

His paintings arose a multilingual Tunisian, popular and in history. He signed the memory of Tunisia. The exhibition is also an exhibition of all kinds; its effervescence and its possession.

For Aicha Gorgi, the exhibition emphasizes the creation of a artistic heritage, known by many: "There are talented artists, we have a wonderful art history, but we have no museum, nothing to preserve and appreciate the cultural heritage. new generation, what will they base, what they want to refer, what is their culture, what is their heritage! The purpose of this exhibition is to make this culture known, "she explains.

Exhibition Gorgi

Hundreds of works are to be discovered. For Aicha Gorgi this is a decade of work. For a good reason, the work of Abdelaziz Gorgi is rich. The artist, multidimensional, juggling between drawings, paintings, sculptures, stamps, tapestries, ceramics, etc. The support and techniques change, but the impression of Gorgi is the same, visible. It promotes the Tunisian, cheerfulness, the absence of taboos.

The exhibition, organized by the Al-Gorji Gallery and the Talan Foundation, will remain until 31 January 2019. The visit is free and there are guys for the discovery of the work of a pioneer of # 39; to stimulate the Tunisian artistic world.

Exhibition Gorgi

Exhibition Gorgi

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