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a victory and a gift for Sampaoli’s last before joining OM

Stop following Jorge Sampaoli’s last Atlético Mineiro match from the stands on Thursday when his team won against Palmeiras (2-0). The technician, who will join OM, received a sweater from her president.

Jorge Sampaoli did not sit on the bench on Thursday for his last match in charge of Atlético Mineiro. He was suspended after his stroke against a referee against Recife. The coach therefore followed from the stands the victory against Palmeiras (2-0) of his team that he was with in March 2020. And that he left in third place in the championship.

The technician announced his departure last week and will soon join OM, where he will take over from André Villas-Boas. Before flying to France, the former coach of Chile and Argentina received a gift from his president, Sérgio Coelho. The latter gave him a jersey with his name and number 45, as well as the number of matches he had left at the head of the “Galo”.

“We are leaving very happy”

“Here’s a great memory, because it’s Galo’s jersey, as a thank you for your work in our club Atlético Mineiro, our Galo,” said the manager. go, to France, to Argentina.That you will forever remember it as a memory of your family.From today I am sure Atlético Mineiro will be a part of it too.With the number 45 matches.Thank you very much, be happy. Maybe we’ll meet again. “

The Argentine technician replied shyly: “sure”. His loyal assistant, Jorge Desio, took his place on the sidelines. He also said goodbye to the Brazilian club, as he will follow Sampaoli on the Canebière.

Third three points behind the champion

“We learned a lot,” Desio said before the last Sampaoli-era press conference in Mineiro. “I believe every person learns every day. At the Galo, we learned the players, the sacrifices of training, the love of the shirt. every match.Add everything I think it served the end result.We finished three points behind the champion (Flamengo), we qualified for the Copa Libertadores, we won the Mineiro Championship.The result was very good, not only for it technical staff, but in all the areas in which we work, the nomination of everyone is difficult. “

“We are very happy to have gone through the institution,” he concluded. “I hope we have a chance to come back tomorrow and now we want the best.” Towards France now where Sampaoli and his staff can officially deploy at the weekend, even if they do not have to be on post for the shock against OL on Sunday (21.00 hours, 27th day of Ligue 1).

Nicolas Couet RMC Sport journalist

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