Thursday , April 22 2021

A passage site with Emiliano Sala disappeared at sea

The football world keeps her breathing. Star tonight relays English media information that a small private aircraft vanished from radar screens from the English channel. An announcement was made tomorrow morning in France, as the latest information indicated that the device would connect Nantes to the Welsh city of Cardiff. A starting point and destination that matters directly to the player Emiliano Sala.

On 28 November, Cardiff's 28-year-old respondent was arrested in one of the Dukes' cities to greet his former FC Nantes teammates one by one. The player even last year lost a sublime picture of this moment on his instagram control. But while we were just great, 20 minutes Just confirmed that Sala was well on board with the reduced aircraft. An information that has been declared by the media to a member of FC Nantes.

Search times are organized with two helicopters and a rescue boat, but without success at the moment. It must be said that the conditions are heavy in the Guernsey-Alderney area. A news from most of the concerns. It is now hoped that the rescue services Emiliano Sala and the other passengers will find safe and sound.

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