Friday , April 23 2021

20 minutes – Spotify will block artists

Spotify will adapt more to the taste of its users. The music stream platform, which has over 200 million active users, with 87 million paying subscriptions, has included a new artist block for iOS. Long-term application, it is now only tested by a group of users, reports the Thurrott site.

In & # 39; a practice you just go to the & # 39; an artist from & # 39; an iOS app and select the option Do not move this artist from the menu … located at & # 39; a top right corner of the screen. The songs of the artist or group will always appear, but they will no longer be played if the user starts a playlist or a radio. However, the blockade would not work in the case where the artist appears in a duet.

This new arrival comes in a time when a chat is for boycott of the R&B singer and author of & # 39; a hit I Believe I Can Fly, R. Kelly, multiple times under the impulse of #MeToo and Time & # 39; s Ups, via the password # MuteRKelly (Silence R. Kelly) on Twitter, such as the broadcast of a documentary, that & # 39, controlling him from multiple sexual assaults.

Spotify announced in May 2018 to remove the singer of his playlists. However, the titles of the artist are still on the platform. This new option gives users the choice of blocking artists, with the option of manual return as a decision.


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