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The resurrection of Artgarl Part V Episode 132 .. The return journey to the page of light-TV translators – channels Carrier of the series Artgrel

After the great success of the historic series Artgrel is very popular in & # 39; The Arab countries, which reach their fifth, reach the highest percentage of the following ranges due to the new season's episodes, the series of Artegral units was one of the famous Turkish soap operas, those & # 39; it performs in more than one language in many countries in more than 23 countries for & # 39; a world, and because of the rise of present serials by millions in the Arabic region, while the series episodes of & # 39; an Artegirl on the Turkish channel, the exclusive carrier of & # 39; a series where one episode of each series is broadcast every Wednesday, Channel Yarmouk Jordan on Nilesat's Arabic radio program Serial Artegral translated into Arabic, allowing the channel to broadcast a series of & every every Thursday of each week # 39; broadcasting a series at 8:00 am in Cairo, and on a day of friday the series from & rdquo; s series is shown again.

Channel channels of the Artgrel series.

– TRT Channel 1 HD Turkey – Frequency 11054 V 30000 – Moon Turksat 42 ° E

Qatar TV channel – Nilesat satellite

Channel 4Shbab TV Egypt – Frequency

In addition, we have provided a wide variety of services,

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Timing radio serial Artificial resurrection in various Arab countries.

The timing of Artegral's series of training in many countries & # 39; a world broadcast is different. We will give you the radio plug-ins from the series that will be delayed every week according to the time of each country.

– In Turkey it will be dispatched every Wednesday 8.00 hours.

– In Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will be sent out at seven o'clock times

– Egypt will run at Cairo at 6.00 hours.

– In the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Yemen and Syria are broadcast at 8.00 am in Dubai.

– In Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, Tunis time will be broadcast at 18:00.

The Return of & # 39; s Episodes a series of "Artegril" will be presented in various satellite channels such as Al Yarmouk Al Ardina channel and All Da & # 39; which channel on Nilesat at 8 o'clock in & # 39; the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The current episode of Artgerel's resurrection will be full of exciting events where & # 39; s death. An unknown pepulets has been published, and we learn and come to the truth through the coming episodes.

A small time will be broadcast from series Arztrl ring 130 on the Turkish channel TRT Radio only, as the channel calls to broadcast the series of Artegral live, and also the series of broadcasts via Watan channel.

A little later, the episode 130 of Argelel's education will be at & # 39; A website of Al Nour is displayed in Arabic.

Today Al-Yawmah channel and Al-Yarmouk Jordan channel presents the 132th episode of Artegrel's Resurrection on Thursday of every week at 20:00 and the version at 13:00 hours on Friday.

– link to the episode 132 from the series Artegral generation to & # 39; to see a page of light.

Proclamation from & boss's serious

The date of & # 39; transfer from & # 39; e episode 132 Resurrection Artegrel

Leave the episode in & # 39; the Arab world in the episode & # 39; a arabic world the date of & # 39; a performance of & # 39; e 132 episode of the Arrested Resurrection Season V until the earlier exciting events, which are being broadcast on the channel at 8.00 am.

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