Saturday , October 1 2022

The most serious "balance disorder" 4 symptoms represent the incidence of "Parkinson's disease".


The Egyptian – German team uncovered a "new gene" that increases the likelihood of "Parkinson 's disease," but the Egyptian and German team of scientists have used genetic analysis technology to isolate the gene that causes the disease. Exposure to pesticides.

The Constitution highlights the most common symptoms of Parkinson 's disease after the gene that causes Parkinson' s disease is found.

Symptoms of Parkinson's disease are signs of progression to the patient, sending many patients to the physician, identifying the cause, more trembling of the hand than other parts of the body, and especially signs of resting and appearing at rest Other parts of the body are visible to the patient with tremors.

"Lack of exercise"
People suffering from Parkinson's disease, slow motion, lose the naturalness of behavior and movement, and are the most common symptom that causes disability and difficulty in the early stages of the disease and is an unexpected or unexpected rate that interferes with part of work and everyday life.

"The Beatles"
TBS finds it difficult to do everyday activities because it completely ruins the ability of the patient to move. Muscle stiffness, called muscle tension, is accompanied by muscle pain and pain in the feet.

"Parity Fault"
When the patient's balance is balanced, the patient loses ability to control and adjust the various exercises. The patient puts the camber in every part of the body, bends the body forward and bends the head, and bends the arm to the knee as well as the elbow.

This article is the most dangerous of all "balance disorders". The four symptoms that reveal the incidence of "Parkinson's" infection, a search engine Egyptian 24, have been transferred from the Constitution and have not reflected the site's views and liberation policies. The news and authenticity of the original publisher is constitutional.

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