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The caretaker of two sacred temples won the King Khalid 2018 award.


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2018-11-13 12:32 AM

Salman bin Abdulaziz, the caretaker of the two holy temples, said at the Al Faisaliah Hotel in Prince Sultan Hall in Riyadh that "the development partners, non-profit organizations and excellence for responsible competence "Division sponsored an event to honor the 2018 Wang Khalid Prize winner. When the caretaker of two holy temples arrived at the headquarters of the ritual accompanied by Prince Saud bin Salman and Prince Rakan bin Salman, he was accompanied by Pris Faisal Bin Bandar, Prince Faisal bin Khalid, Prince of Emir Asir, Chairman of Khalid Foundation, Chairman of King Khaled Prize, Prince Vinh Saud, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdullah bin Khalid, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdullah bin Prince, Prince and Senator Riyadh Prince.
After Salman bin Abdulaziz took office, he began a ceremony to recite poetry in the Holy Qur'an.

Developmental leap

In his speech, Prince Faisal bin Khalid emphasized that the kingdom has been in a great and high position among the civilized countries since its founding. Through this agreement, the leadership and the people will be able to reach out to all spheres including human, social and economic development In the United States. It became guide light and model to follow.
He said: "We are the founding kings – God has mercy on him – work, achievement and creativity are the monumental things that teach us that our country and people are faithful to our necks and do not have heavy burdens. It is the three pillars of building architecture.
He added: "Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, the caretaker of the two temples, has witnessed a developmental leap that reveals the era and reveals the way to a proud home country, a decision aimed at human development in this blessed land, Projects and initiatives. A vibrant picture of the 2030's vision of developing and finding us in the sky ».

A thoughtful plan

Prince Faisal Bin Khalid said: "Yes, our ambition is infinite, our plans are well considered, and we always have a strong determination with young people who believe that the rights of this country are at the level of developed countries I have Salman bin Abdul Aziz.
He was never separated from the vision of the kingdom by the Khalid Foundation, and the wise leadership to promote the nonprofit sector, starting with the reign of the founding king, could God have mercy on him until the days of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Stressed.
He added about the experience of the King Khalid Foundation and its achievements since its founding in 1421: However, this was a series of achievements in the history of the country and gave leadership and leadership.

Creative Initiatives

Prince Faisal bin Khalid said: "We would like to mention this rich experience and experience as a voluntary initiative that contributed to the development of strategic thinking, a Khalid King award for nonprofit organizations and private sector companies. do.
"The awards are recognized for sustainable institutional development, support for creative and personal initiatives, contributing to the sustainability of voluntary initiatives, and building the capabilities of nonprofit and private sector companies.
"The Custodian of the Two Holy Moses continues to support the award to achieve and strengthen the mission of humanitarian, social and development, and this is the pride of the Khalid Foundation, It is a source of pride and success. Everyone belonging to this agency and partner.

Community contributions

Secretary General Saud Al-Shammari presented this year's winners, presentations on Khalid Prize, which contributed to social development and economic and social participation in the kingdom.
The caretaker of the two sacred temples received a souvenir at a ceremony commemorated by Prince Faisal bin Khalid. I took a commemorative photo of two sacred mosque officials with the winners of three quarters.

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