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Steps for Applying for an Exemption from Credit Bank 1442 and the Online Exemption Link for Exemption

Steps to apply for an exemption from the Credit Bank It is well known within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the Credit Bank is considered as one of the best banks that exist. The Credit Bank provides Saudi clients with many services that help them finance their projects. Kredytbank always provides services and functions to clients whose projects have been affected since the beginning of the Coronavirus, because since the beginning of the spread of this pandemic The economic process around the world has been affected, in this article we will give you all the information provide about the request for request from the Credit Bank.

Steps to apply for an exemption from the Credit Bank
Steps to apply for an exemption from the Credit Bank

Steps to apply for an exemption from the Credit Bank

  • Initially, the client must register with the Social Development Bank through their website.
  • In the next step, the customer enters the official account of the credit bank, and in case the customer does not have an electronic account, he has to create a new electronic account, because this step is one of the most important steps to know all the social services that the credit bank provides to customers.
  • When you start at the beginning of the steps, empty icons for the customer will appear. These icons ask for the personal information of the customer. They must be filled in by the password, username, code for the blind, place of residence, place of work and other information.
  • After completing the previous step, the site will ask you to rewrite this data to ensure that it is correct.
  • Then, in the next field, the customer writes the special form of the credit bank, after which will appear personal data that needs to be written.
  • This information is similar to the contract number that exists between the credit bank and the customer.
  • Hafida date, number and source.
  • The conditions define for the Credit Bank’s exemption application.
  • The national identity and number of the customer.

How to order online bank credit

  • In this request, the client determines his gender, whether he is a man or a woman.
  • The customer writes his name quadrant.
  • The customer then writes down all his details such as telephone number, place of residence, full name and place of work.
  • The customer completes all other blank data accurately in order to be answered.
  • Upon completion, he will write his fourth name on the application form that he will submit to the Credit Bank.

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