Monday , June 14 2021

Secrets of the week "The Beirut Declaration" warns of a worsened refugee crisis and wounds in Arab countries

The Beirut Monetization, which it presented on Sunday, warned the GGG in Beirut about "polluting the crisis of refugees and displaced persons in the Arab countries and the ensuing economic and social countries."

The Arab leaders called "the need for solidarity by all donor-international organizations, which discussed the Member States concerned by their member states of" & # 39; s representatives of & # 39; To alleviate the suffering of these exterminating people and refugees and to provide financing for implementing development projects in the & # 39; s Arab countries that & # 39; t support them in supporting the national development plans and contributing to lowering the economic and social consequences of this timely hosting.

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Aboul Gheit has also discovered that there are many ideas on how to build a new regional order

The statement also asked to "draw more Arab and international investments into local countries", while "establishing the Global Agreement for Secure, Organized and Regulatory Migration, as well as the Global Refugee Agreement".

The Palestinian side had a presence in & # 39; a Beirut statement, that & # 39; t & # 39; the need to & # 39; supporting a Palestinian population in the fight against increasing aggression and the next destruction of & # 39; a Palestinian economy and infrastructure. "He also put on the beliefs of Al-Quds Al-Sharif's" Arab, Islamic and Christian identity ", hampers the need for all parties involved to promote the necessary funding by the relevant organizations and entities to implement the projects in the strategic plan for the sectoral development of Eastern Europe 2018-2022, All interest in developing means to mobilize popular support for the implementation of the plan, while the right of return and compensation for Palestinian refugees and their offspring climbed according to resolutions of international legitimacy.

The Arab countries, however, should not recapture the communication and information burden that has invaded the developed world. It is necessary to pursue proactive policies to promote the ability to prevent the potential digital economy. Special initiatives and the importance of developing a common vision in a digital economy. "

In particular, the Declaration called the Declaration the need to progress within the scope of the Great Arab Trade Region and the requirements of & # 39; a Araaban Social Union in hopes of reaching a common Arabian brand and promoting all efforts to overcome obstacles that these prevent. Support and financing Arab integration projects.

The statement calls in & # 39; the Private Private sector to invest in & # 39; e projects that provide the president of Sudan for Arab Investment in Sudan with the realization of Arab essence security, such as Arab funds and funding levels to contribute to the necessary funding for promoting these projects.

The Declaration calls for the "Sustainable Energy Sustainable Energy Establishment 2030's Approach to Achieve the Sustainable Development of the Arabic Energy System in the & # 39; s Global Agenda 2013 Goals" for Sustainable Developments in economic, social and environmental.

The Declaration calls for investing in a human being as the "shortest way to achieve compulsory economic growth and changing the Arab Strategic Standards of Resistance" as a framework that strengthens Arab efforts to sustain economic development in reach of the Arab region. "

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