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Saudi Arabia news today with Qassim's heavy rain and floods for four hours


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Heavy rains and floods occurred on Friday, November 9, 2018, for four hours at Al-Kashim.

Qassim's heavy rain and floods lasted four hours

Citizen – Carsim

The General Authority for Meteorology and Environment Protection warned against the unstable weather in Qassim, which starts at 10 pm on Friday and continues until 2 am on Saturday.

The situation of the air and the eyes above and around Uthal and Qusayaa, Qawara and Talha, corridors and Hnzl and its surrounding parts.

Meteorologists point out that the situation is a continuation of the heavy rain that leads to the flow of the flood.

Meteorologists have warned of a decline in horizontal visibility due to haze at 9 am on Saturday, especially for Taif, Hada, Shifa and surrounding parts in Makkah.


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Thank you very much for the Al Mana News portal visitors and visitors, and I promise to provide you with new and important news from all the trusted sources. A Saudi news agency reported today the Qassim heavy rains and floods for four hours.
Source: Citizen newspaper

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