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"Repeat" the frequency of channels that contain the series of uplifting Artagarl version 125 "Part V" translated by Arabic channels

Turkey's historic Artagrel series is one of # Most Turkish ladies have been distributed in the Arab world and in Turkey. Therefore, we will transport you through this article by & nbsp; the navigation, which we can see the series Artagrill Part V and despite the many parts of the series and although the time of # This dramatic work will dramatically increase in the Arab region. The success of this series is not limited to the Arab world or Turkey alone, but relies on other countries such as Greece and Armenia.

The series Ertgrel is a Turkish series that is an important part of Islamic history is the beginning of # 39; The development of the Ottoman State, which has long been the rule in & quot; the Islamic world dominated, where the story tells, the story tells the story, his father's "father" Osman foundation of the Ottoman Empire, in the # 39 association of # to combat the Turkish tribes and the enemies by its power and power of wisdom.

Channel channels of the Artgrel series

Channel name Frequency The month
Qatar TV 10719 V 27500

11604 V 27500


Suhail Sat

4Shbab TV Egypt 11315 V 27500 NileSat
Yarmouk University Horizontal NileSat
TRT 1 HD Turkey 11054 V 30000 Türksat 42 ° E

The series is broadly broadcast and broadcast on all channels, each week, specializing on Wednesday at 8:00 am Egypt time, the nine of Saudi Arabia, on the channel sent to the Turkish satellite, but the series will be in & # 39; the original language, and the Catholic Channel has been blocked The series Mdbalja has Thursday afternoon eight o'clock in Egypt, and the Shabab Canal Exhibition at 18:00.

The series "Arger's Resurrection" is broadcast in more than 23 countries around the world and is a translator for more than one language to the great success of the # 39; the last seasons. But the indexes are that the fifth part of the series will remain until March 2019.

All viewers can view the new episode of the series This link

The episode number 124 of the series Arjerlal Resurrection was released on Al Nour website See the complete episode 124 The channel has also been invited, after the broadcast of 124 episodes of Part V on Wednesday, which has seen many conflicts and interesting events, watchers see the next episode of & # 39; the series of Artegril resurrection.

The website of the electronic light sets the new epicenter of Turkish series Artegrel Arabic translation and high quality for all those who followed the dramatic action, and the president also transmitted the epic poem in Yarmouk during the day.

The popular Turkish series is popular among Muslims in the world, and this is evident in & nbsp; high view rates of their episodes over the Internet.

Everyone is proud of the height of # 39; The 125th episode of "Argerel Resurrection" following the developments of the " the last episode of the historical Turkish work.

The 125th episode of Part V will be broadcast on Wednesday morning through the Turkish TRT TV channel, and after two hours of visit will be available through Al Noor TV in Arabic.

Starting from 1pm, the new epicenter of ArtGrill 124 series, which is still exciting, is also available.

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