Monday , November 29 2021

"Public Transport" announces the audit of family activities


Harmony – following

The public representation is one of the activities that are in & # 39; Land transport is introduced into the Kingdom. The permit of & # 39; The authority is limited to activities on agencies. The cars that are used in 'activity' are limited to qualified national female frames in line with the Royal Decision that is designed to drive women..

They stated that the regulation of Commission's and its implementing rules did not prevent Sauding women from working in all other road drum activities, as long as the necessary conditions and controls are included in the guidelines that are suitable for the type and nature of the bike used in such activities.

The Public Recovery Service has established the operational checks on the family-specific activity that the leaders of the cyclist preventing a service Transport Or continue to be offered in the absence of an adult female component in the passage of sitting or sitting in man or childhood. the foreground, or the presence of male or child careers only in the car.

The operational controls would control the driver against the transport of the transport service if the number of passengers sitting, smoking or eating foods in the car, or not using seat gates by passengers.

The regulation provided the leader of cyclists in order to offer or continue to transport the transport service in the event of an internal or external bicycle and stickers, or not the wisdom of & nbsp; to keep the bike, failure of public morality and to make good, or injury to privacy in any way.

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