Sunday , January 17 2021

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If Ahli is not a writer or a media voter, but a supporter of Union and Ahli is a beneficiary, though it does not make it afraid to postpone or delay to other parties, trade unions or non-trade unions, Union's claim is harmful to the greatest extent of condemnation and blame . My colleague Adnan Jastinine «If I forgot my thoughts» .. !!

… postponed the match without specifying the date of that residence as described in the news of the acting (to be determined later). And we do not know where to take us between brackets or rubber times. However, there is inevitably after winter.

I am not interested in the celebration of some of my colleagues and in acting and fellow anger decisions. This is no longer a fanatical fanatic, but I do not have to decide the date because I am a decision maker. Chairman of the Conference Committee, I say we are living in another era. If I say that I hate it, I think so. !!

The statement raised in terms of this act did not satisfy the intellectuals because it showed the expression of both sides, and the press and the public brought us to an old story that does not exist in this revelation. But this revelation has revealed to us that there are still people who are living in the heritage of the eighties. I am afraid of their very sensitive feelings !!

"I understand the enthusiasm over Wada and all the wads of the team and I understand that the fact that this team spent a lot of money has not been used in the club unity throughout the club's history, but Wahdawis is a championship researcher, Do not hurry, compete with the Saudi soccer hummer, this is a legitimate aspiration, but the reality is that it's time, so it is not the Hatem ..?

.. I said what I should say about the respected Crescent team and I got enlightened among us thinking of the media part of the property of the club that I love this club and thinking about the dilemma of tiring the media here.


Ahlam Mostaganemi says: When we review our lives, we have found that the most beautiful thing that has happened to us is coincidence, and that a great disappointment always rests on the luxury carpets we have opened to welcome happiness !

Ahmad Al-Shamrani-Okaz

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