Thursday , April 22 2021

Othman bin Ertugrul h 48 | Yalla gets the frequency of the new Turkish channel Atv 2021 to follow the series Resurrection Osman Episode 48

The new Turkish Atv Channel Frequency 2021 We will provide them to you in our article so that you can follow the series of the Resurrection of the Founder Othman bin Ertugrul Al-Ghazi, the forty-eighth episode. The new episode of the Resurrection of Othman series, the founder, is considered one of the most famous local channels that millions of followers watch in Turkey and the world.

Turkish atv channel frequency

Fans of Turkish series are intensely searching for the new Turkish channel Atv ITV 2021 via the NileSat satellite, so that audiences in Turkey and the Arab world can enjoy watching the most important Turkish series being broadcast around the clock by the channel presented, as the Turkish ITV channel is back with its audience. By providing the most recent and important series with the highest ratings.

The Turkish ITV channel is one of the most important and famous channels in Turkey, as it has reached a huge fan base, and with its unique release of many distinctive series that have left an impression on the public, the fame of the ATV channel reaches the Arab world, so many followers are waiting for the broadcast of series and movies. And the various programs offered by the channel, and the last series presented by the channel were the Resurrection series, Othman bin Ertugrul Al-Ghazi, and the Alireza series.

The new Turkish channel Atv 2021 follows the Resurrection Osman episode 48 series

the moon Frequency polarization Coding
Turksat 11628 27500 vertically
Astra 12692 27500 vertically
Astra 11243 27500 vertically

The uprising of the founder, Othman bin Ertugrul Al-Ghazi, will be broadcast on the Turkish channel ITV, at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, according to the timing of Palestine, the Arab Republic of Egypt and Jordan, and at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, according to the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.

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