Wednesday , December 8 2021

Oil ministers are investigating the delivery of natural gas at the reporter's Tanash city.


    Engineer Tareq Al Mulla,

Engineer Tareq Al Mulla, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources

Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, has been working in the Tanash-Osim city of Giza as part of a national project to supply natural gas to the cities and towns of the DPRK government, . Or annoying.
Mullah confirmed that supplying natural gas to the cities and villages of Egypt confirms the principles of social justice for all citizens and they should provide good service to them and the start of operation in any area is Osim, West Barajil, Red Crescent And to supply gas to about 35,000 households in the Tanach area, which is good news for local residents.
The minister stressed that it is important to speed up the contract to deliver natural gas to the home.This project will provide citizen donations of citizens who deliver gas to the residential unit in the city and new territory, Has contributed to raising tariffs on demand for citizens who are ready to deliver natural gas in the beneficiary region.
During the visit, Oil explored gas delivery to the city of Tanash-Osim and explained that overseas gas company Ahmed Al-Hajri, the engineering chief, delivered natural gas to Bulaq, Abu Rawash of the Giza Governorate, Nahia and Boulah Dakrour, Man Burashi, Kom Burrat, Kafr Hakim, West Bragil, Sakil, Qatari,
He explained that the Tanash-Osim City was fed by about 10,000 customers and was fed to the exit of the Redcom station to complete the implementation of the length of the network 7 bars of about 3.5 km pressure.
It should be noted that the number of homes connected to natural gas at the republic has increased to about 9.2 million since the start of activities.

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