Sunday , August 1 2021

News 24 The dissolution of a father's state you refused to return his daughter to two years of separation

Picture Source states that the personal status of the Jeddah regulates the marriage of an absolute citizen of their father to be taken up and handed over to the Shari & # 39; court to ask them to return to their divorce .

The sources explained, according to "Okaz", that deleting & mandate from & # 39; A civilian father, caused by the loss of her husband and refused to marry her, increased her marriage two years after her divorce.

She said that the woman put a lawsuit against her father that he wanted to marry her, indicating that she would return to her husband because of her six children and family reunion.

She pointed out that the judge saw the divorce action and listened to two witnesses who proved the validity of the civility before ruling the whole music to his daughter and decided to earn the marriage mandate the legitimate rulers.

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