Friday , April 23 2021

News 24 Al-Sadhan comments on Turki Al-Sheikh's request for cooperation with Al-Qasabi

PictureNote on & # 39; requesting & # 39; a chairman of & # 39; council of & # 39; e directors of the General Entertainment Entertainment Authority at Turki Al-Sheikh, comments Abdullah Al-Sadhan comments from & # 39; The collaboration with the artist Nasser Al-Kasabi this year, confirms his readiness to implement the request and that he is ready and present guidance.

"I had the honor to ask for the middle conference and it was an honor for me to meet with the Chancellor, and I stand on your followers with respect for what was in this short period," Al-Sadhan wrote in a Twitter account : "When it's in the theater, we're waiting for guidance."

It is evident that all sheep in the press conference Tuesday morning, artists Nasser Al-Kasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan, recorded at & # 39; stand a stage at, and ask them to collaborate this year for a joint work to support, supported by the "mbc" channel.

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