Tuesday , November 30 2021

More than 1.6 million people have been arrested for discharging the residence system


Harmony SPA

The joint campaigns launched on Wednesday 26/2/1439 H and earn on Thursday 14/3/1440 AH to pursue and establish the settlers of resident and labor systems and maintain border security in all regions of the Kingdom The following results are:

Previously, the total number of consenters in common security field campaigns in the Kingdom of 2135771, 1654552 in the control system of the system, 328559 in the operation of # 39; the Labor Act and 152660 in the borders of the border security system.

Second, the total number of prisoners who attempted to cross the border in the kingdom was 35,905 people, 52% of the population. Yemeni citizens, 45% were Ethiopians, 3% of nationality and 1714 persons were targeted for border embezzlement.

Third: The total number of people involved in the transfer and accommodation of & nbsp; the infiltrators of residence and labor systems and luggage security and those who arrested 3018 people.

Fourth: The total number of citizens who have been appointed for transporting or harboring exporters expects the regulations of 873 citizens. The legal procedures are closed against 834 and their release.

Fifth: The total number of people currently undergoing the implementation of immersed immigrants 13276 immigrants, including 11,392 men and 1884 women.

Sixth: Some sanctions were reported to 340072 leaders, 306,996 in opposition to their diplomatic missions for travel documents, 373122 in case of their travel reservations and 55,346.

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