Thursday , March 30 2023

Introduce new services for the unemployed


Fahad Al-Daoud, chief of parliament Fahd Al-Daoud, said Saturday that services for the unemployed of Fahd Causeway were created.

At a meeting with Al-Sharqiya Chamber, Al-Daoud explained that the last link repair and maintenance of Saudi's bridge was completed on Friday, nine days after the operation.

Al-Daoud denied the feasibility of reports on bridge fees and highway reductions, pointing out that these rumors are merely suggestions of research and should be approved by the two sister kingdom authorities before launch or announcement.

He pointed out that the establishment of the General Assembly is open to all initiatives that follow the bridge's development approach and ideas inspired by the business sector, an important partner in the development of bridge services and facilities.

"In connection with the parallel bridge project, the consultant will submit a technical and commercial feasibility study to determine the best financing and partnership model for the newbuilding, including passenger and freight trains and vehicle and truck routes, It will take 3 years. "

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