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Illness can be an important treatment for arthritis



Illness can be an important treatment for arthritis

Illness can be an important treatment for arthritis

Compared research has indicated that a goodness can be largely part of the treatment of arthritis

According to researchers at Alabama University, connections that have been collected within the brain are # The rush of frenzy or bosile trees in Africa and Asia can stop in the inflammation.

It is known that genes or gums are used for thousands of years as treatment for wounds and infections, and researchers have found that their combinations can provide proteins that cause inflammation, such as arthritis, and effective prevention.

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Scientists believe that fruit products make these combinations productive or protect against insects or fungi.

"These results can help developing companies develop new anti-arthritic drugs such as more than 10 million people in England," said Professor Will Sitzer, a research co-author.

The main problem in manufacturing a new drug is how to combine these combinations with & # 39; and people are made available. "Insecurity is unmatchable in water, so it's hard to get into a bloodstream," he said.

But Cambridge Nutraceuticals, a biotechnology company, has developed a product that has said to overcome this problem.

The combination of francs and soy lecithin (one of the constituents of a group of brown yellow greasy species found in animal and plant) reinforces the active components of & nbsp; The plant in mage so it can reach the blood.

"We have seen that this ingredient lancet makes it possible for the anti-inflammatory effect to be achieved, which is very exciting," said Dr. Miriam Ferrer, a molecular biologist at the company.

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