Saturday , June 3 2023

I look after my body with shea butter. Diyar


Shea Butter is a natural substance rich in vitamins and moisturizers, making it a good choice to keep skin in winter and many cracks in the skin due to atmospheric changes and cold. In the next line you will find body care masks and recipes. According to the site stylecraze.

Shea butter for cracks in the heel

Make a moisturizer on the soles, prevent cracks, mix shea butter with natural oils such as olive oil, and then take one spoon, dissolve in boiling water, dissolve without exposing yourself directly to heat, and mix a few drops of olive oil. Keeps moisture from morning to morning and reduces the time it takes for your skin to drink.

Shea butter for moisturizing lips

Shea Butter is a natural soft moisturizer that is ideal for moisturizing lips. A teaspoon of honey or a bee's teaspoon can be melted at low temperatures and stored in a clean, dry container to create a natural moisturizer for everyday use. There is.

Shea butter to remove dry hair

In particular, daily massages required for body temperature management are required in winter. Especially severe bombardment, nutrition and moisturization are needed. Shea butter and coffee are ground and mixed, sprayed with a mask from root to head, gently shine and rinse with water for 15 minutes.

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