Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hind Al Balushi reacts to skepticism about her marriage to Iraqi artist Ali Youssef

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti artist Hind Al-Balushi has broken her silence over what has happened in recent hours among pioneers of social networking sites over doubts about her marriage to Iraqi singer Ali Youssef.

Hind Al Balushi appeared via the technology of the live broadcast on her account on the site “Instagram”, and raised the banner of challenge against her husband by denying his marriage to her, claiming that they were already married by law of God and His Messenger.

Hind Al-Balushi told the followers that he would not benefit the public in any way, whether Ali Yusuf announced her marriage to her or not, and stated that she had announced the special circumstances of her, especially since houses are secrets and no one has a stake in them.

Hind Al-Balushi admitted that she may have been in a hurry or wrong to announce something that only concerns her, her husband and her family, express her wish for Ali Youssef to appear “Live” and deny the marriage and saying, “You are not my time. We are closed to the problem.”

And she sent a letter to Joseph’s first wife, saying that she had the right to deny or not, because the most important thing is that God knows what happened.

The Kuwaiti actress added that she does not accept the advice of anyone who can tell her that she deserves the best because Ali Youssef has his circumstances and that marriage is publicity and she did what she was guilty of and famous for.

She emphasizes that Ali Youssef’s silence is proof of his marriage to her and that, as they say, “silence is a sign of contentment”, and emphasizes that she is not the first woman to marry a married man.

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