Saturday , May 28 2022

FilGoal | News Ahli: We are quiet and appreciate the responsibility. There is a bad image of a club and of course agreed on security


Mohammed Morjan, director of Al Ahli Club, condemned the statement of Amer Hussein, head of the # 39 squad committee committee, where he was the representative of # 39; men would have the opportunity to reach the Arab Contractor 's match based on the agreement and coordination between the club management and the security authorities.

"These are responsible explanations, everyone must know what they say, and they are well aware of the extent of their influence and influence on a club that leads to large crowds," said Morjan on Radio FM Sport.

"The situation is incomprehensible, and it seems like it's a bad image of Ahli and his fans for safety, as we keep up with director Tharwat Sweilem until the last time to make a decision to get the tickets," he said in a wandering toon.

He adds: "We are silent and appreciate the position and responsibility, and there will be a meeting on Wednesday in the presence of the Vice President of the club and the Treasury Board and Management Board with the security authorities to come up with a solution in the coming period. "

"The club has been ruled out already in official meetings with the Ministers of Sports and Interiors, because the decision to earn the presence of 5 thousand spectators has to pay, Al Ahli no tickets Sales for members and members of the club do not accept them, but we provide electronically for sale. What is an electronic transport system without the allocation of one.

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