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Duraid Lahham at his honorary symposium at Alexandria Film Festival: Egypt is the leader in the Arab world


Posted on: Wednesday, 29 September 2021 – 13:51 | Last updated: Wednesday, 29 September 2021 – 13:51

A symposium in honor of the great Syrian artist Duraid Laham was held today, Wednesday, as part of the activities of the “Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries” in its thirty-seventh session, and was moderated by Prince Abaza, the President of the festival, and in the presence of Tunisian director Rachid Ferchio, director Omar Abdel Aziz, and director Basil Al-Khatib.

At the beginning of the symposium, a short film about Duraid Lahham was shown, and it included clips of honor of Duraid Lahham at the previous Alexandria Festival, in addition to various scenes from the film Damascus Aleppo, which was previously shown within the activities of ‘e Alexandria Festival.

Duraid Lahham began his speech by thanking all present and Prince Abaza for honoring him, saying: “I am my dream Egypt, that is the leader in the Arab world, and I am very happy with this honor and I love always to be from here, “and he sang for Egypt.

He spoke of the reason for not participating in an Egyptian work and speaking in the Egyptian dialect, saying: The dialect of every artist comes from his identity, and someone accepts the leader, Adel Imam in another language, and because I do not presented everything in the Egyptian dialect, because I adhere to my Syrian identity, and the Egyptian dialect is an identity and not a language, but I’m envious of using the terminology in the countries where I present my plays, so that audiences can understand us and encourage them. ”

And about the secret of his love for children, he declared: “They are our future, and this is why I treat them and treat them like a little man who can absorb, and they are sometimes wiser than adults, and we learn spontaneous philosophers from her, and I learned faith from my grandmother, and her love for the Creator, and it did me when I saw a sentence written on the walls She says, “The head of wisdom is the fear of God , “and” I go to the head of wisdom is the love of God. “

And he went on to say, “A sheikh saw me in one of the streets and told me you were religious. I told him no, I’m a believer. He told me what the difference is, and I told him, and I have they always explained the issue in the deep understanding between religiosity and faith and I was convinced, and I hope people control their thoughts, and as Ibn Rushd said, the trade of religion is most popular in communities where ignorance prevails.

The great director, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, was sharp, saying: “I’m very happy with you, and I’m trying to realize here for a while, and I had hopes and a dream to make a film that brings Duraid with the artist Adel Imam, and I took steps to do this, but the matter stopped, and we always love your presence among us. ”Duraid answered him, saying: We must keep dreaming and mourning to achieve what we want, and I hope for a job to do with the leader, Adel Imam.

As for director Basil Al-Khatib, he addressed Duraid, saying: “I learned through my work with artist Duraid Lahham what my whole life is worth, what an example of commitment, and we finished the film Al-Hakim together. and I hope it will be shown at the Alexandria Festival next year. ”It offers support for Arab stars.

While critic Magdi Al-Tayeb said: “I have a very strong relationship with the artist Duraid Laham, he is a great poet, and he sent me an answer to that, in which he wrote,” My love is without limits. “There he is dealing with the problems of the Arab world, and I thank him for what he gave us and for his awareness of the message of art from the beginning of his career.

He concludes the conversation with Tunisian production director Ali Al-Zaeem, who said: I have a special relationship with the artist Duraid Baham and with Syria, and it is the only movie theater that has about 12 thousand spectators at the Carthage Film Festival, and he has had great success in the Arab countries.

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