Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Dahab Chain" takes Dima back to Syria after eight years of absence.


Golden Line Productions and Distribution Company announces additional artists Karis Bashar With a huge star Bascombe A series of Syrian series "Dahab series".

And the author's signature Dima Baia After stopping in the drama hero list for 8 years, I will return to photography in Damascus.

The company said triangle stars are waiting for the signature of the fourth medium artist to complete the competition.

Iyad Nahas will begin shooting the "Dahab series" by Damascus, Saif Reza Hamed, and Damascus is scheduled for Ramadan in 2019.

This work is part of the Shami environment and has selected Saharan actors such as Sahar Fawzi, Maha El Masry, Ali Karim, Zina Barafy, Taif Ibrahim and others.

Golden Line has released many of Shamia's great works last season, including Warda Shamia, Khatoon, Amimi, and Beam Gedi (Sham Al Adiya).

Thank you for reading the news about "Chain Dahab". Dima Bayaa to Syria in Gulf 365 for eight years and would like to thank you for letting us know that the subject matter is beautifully written and can be passed on or quoted. We wish you a Happy Day and are responsible for the contents of this news.

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