Saturday , February 4 2023

Cuban-US Cooperation for Development of Lung Cancer Therapeutics


The Cuban biotechnology company is striving to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cuban lung cancer treatment in preparation for the potential use of US patients through remarkable cooperation in the medical research of the two countries that have been hostile for decades.

This treatment is still experimental and is called Simafax-EGF.

"This is a cancer fighting weapon that can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic weapons, such as chemotherapy," said Orestes Santos, a researcher at the Havana Molecular Immunology Center.

The Robertwell Park Cancer Center signed a partnership agreement with Cuban Institute in 2015, headquartered in Buffalo, USA, while serving in the United States mission for Cuba.

The partnership aims to fund treatment development and conduct new, more complete and large-scale clinical trials in North America.

"The results of our initial clinical trials are very encouraging," says Doug Plessinger, head of scientific development at Roswell Park Center. "We use Simafax with immunotherapy.

Offered in a monthly dose at the Cuban Health Center since 2011, this treatment has been approved by Paraguay, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bosnian Health Authorities.

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