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Breast Reduction Process to Prevent Cancer. Details of Wael Ghanem


When referring to the process of reducing breast size, there is a misconception when referring to Oklahoma's breast reduction process. Remember the main purpose of the breast reduction process is to remember that walking is fashionable. You do not have to perform them to supplement the aesthetic appearance of women.

Dr. Wael Ghanem, a plastic surgeon who is the founder of the Orchid Center for Plastic Surgery, orthodontist and congenital handicap has another opinion on this and says that "breast reduction" is needed for many reasons in his remarks on "Day 7". And the beauty of women and, on the other hand, the functional dimension. The weight of the breast affects the spine, which can cause slippage in the neck and also causes the weight of the soul.

He warned that consultant plastic surgery and adjustment of strength, the size of the big chest could result in weight in the chest corset and infection under the shoulders and chest. The more we remove the overload in the breast, the less we reduce the likelihood of tumors. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the breast because it reduces the incidence of breast cancer by removing breast cancer and degenerative pregnancy from breast cancer. "Angelina Jolie, an American actress who has done breast cancer prevention surgery because of her family history, has a clear and well-known model, and in this case minimization process, we can say that prevention is more effective than treatment, Surgery was done by surgery. "

Dr. Wael Ghanem explains the role of breast reduction in cancer prevention.
Dr. Wael Ghanem explains the role of breast reduction in cancer prevention.

Dr. Wael Ghanem of the Orchid Plastic Surgery Center has a number of pathological symptoms that require surgical intervention to reduce the size of the breast, including complaints of chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders, The psychological dimension of complaints about the size of the breasts as well as the large size of the breasts and the difficulty of wearing clothing in the case of skin irritation or nerve pain, or in the bra or under but also if the physical activity can not be performed.

Dr. Wael Ghanem has a breast reduction surgery Bilateral plastic surgery, The process of eliminating excess fat and skin and dead tissue of the breast, to reduce the size of the breast when the size of the breast does not match the body, to reduce the discomfort, to make the breast to match the overall shape of the body, Strengthen physical activity.

Dr. Wael Ghanem explains the benefits of breast reduction.
Dr. Wael Ghanem explains the benefits of breast reduction.

He pointed out that cosmetic surgery can be performed at various ages in adolescence, and if the results are unsatisfactory, further surgery may be necessary in the future. Future plans can have a normal effect on breast size or have surgery problems, and in both cases there is a future delivery plan. Breastfeeding after surgery is difficult and minimizes the breast process with changes in breast size that do not require weight loss, exercise, and healthy lifestyle procedures that can be limited.

Dr. Wael Ghanem emphasized that there is no particular risk to the process of breast reduction, but many consequences such as bleeding, infection, side effects to anesthesia, and bruising may not occur. And because of the influence of the surgery itself, the breast surrounding the two halos and the nipple of the skin, the difficulty of breastfeeding after surgery, and the inconsistency of the breast size require follow-up surgery.

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