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Breakfast is very important for people with type II diabetes.


Recent medical research has identified the importance of breakfast for type 2 diabetes patients, and it is a mistake to ignore this important diet on a new day to prevent long-term fasting that patients have experienced at dinner after the last meal .

Given the misunderstanding of type 2 diabetes patients who skip the breakfast better control of blood sugar, recent medical studies on type 22 diabetes have identified this theory as an error and the patient is the cause.

Researchers at the University of Washington researchers found that 22 people with type 2 diabetes can control sugar levels according to a healthy diet, while taking metformin for sugar and eating two food-intake groups (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) There was a patient who could not have dinner and a high blood sugar figure of 36.8% after meals. Breakfast, 26% between dinner and 6%, compared with breakfast time.

Other studies have shown that eating a high-energy breakfast with a total calorie of 700 calories reduces total blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes compared to a 200 calorie low-calorie breakfast. Improving blood glucose control throughout the day helps prevent diabetic complications Has been proven to be related to.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine have emphasized the importance of regularly attending breakfast to prevent type 2 diabetes.

When 17 healthy adults gave up breakfast each day for three days, two times when they had three main meals and the third time when they gave up dinner. It has been shown that skipping breakfast helps to increase concentration. Blood glucose after meal to skip dinner.

In this regard, researchers emphasized that the heart of a healthy breakfast is the selection of diverse health foods to balance carbohydrates, protein, fat and other nutrients with the fibers most needed by type 2 diabetics. Adjust your blood sugar level. Here are some health options for breakfast:

Whole grains contain products made from oatmeal, rotten pieces, whole wheat bread products, and whole grains are a good source of fiber-rich carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Dairy products are low in fat or fat with soy milk or almonds and coconut for those with dairy representative syndrome.

Fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits are good for breakfast because they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, the intake of fruit juice should be limited to fibers that are important for preventing hyperglycemia after eating the fruit. Her age can be added at breakfast with paper, such as vegetables, especially pimento.

Fat-free protein: Protein-free protein-free foods can control starvation without weight control, including protein, skim milk, yogurt, yogurt, whole legumes, keep your blood sugar and keep your weight. .

Healthy Fats: This type of fat can give you a feeling of satiety for people with type 2 diabetes, but it is important to carefully choose ingredients such as nuts, avocados and seeds. However, it is important to eat a small amount and eat an appropriate amount.

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