Wednesday , August 4 2021

Bashir's isolation removes Erdogan's project in the Arab region

The isolation of the Sudanese army of Bashir completes the papers of Turkey, which are to rule the Arab countries and expand into Africa from the Sudanese port and raise a number of questions about the fate of a number of agreements & amp; Signed by Bashir with Erdogan, under the agreement on the Turkish administration of the entire island of Suakin, Bashir tried to take interesting functions between times, especially because Saudi Arabia could convince America for the sanctions that were set up by Sudan because of its crippled terrorism, that the ICC's demands are for trouble, and at the same time Bashir partitioned on & # 39; the coalition forces in Yemen to commit the anger of Saudi Arabia to Sudan, but in contrast, Saudi Arabia does not accept Qatar's decision to cover its participation in the Yemeni coalition troops outside the GCC consensus policy that & # 39; the Turkish project.

Therefore, Erdogan is struggling with the isolation of Bashir and calls on the Sudanese national trial and expects the Sudanese army to conclude an agreement with Ankara with Bashir and the isolation of Bashir & # 39; a condemnation of the design of a political Islamist kingdom, mainly to Sudan's sources, confirming that Princess Bashir is in & # 39; a president of & # 39; s palys with a number of & # 39; High security figures.

There is a Turkish disillusionment that Erdogan has decided, especially for the crises in Turkey. The Turkish crisis, with the refurbishment of the Turkish lira, was the source of investment and high rates of inflation and unemployment and its crisis with the US over Kurdish paper. That Turkey is a member of NATO.

Turkey is the only fall of & # 39; a Turkish leader of & # 39; A Muslim bride's hand, especially since Turkey has lost a strong alliance, Saudi Arabia, because of the establishment of a military base in Qatar. But Saudi Arabia is an important state that does not accept the important countries of the world. Turkey, especially for the interests of & # 39; Great political and economic competencies with Saudi Arabia are not acceptable. These interests are being harmed and will not leave Turkey blackmailed Saudi Arabia.

Turkey has taken credit to solve the south of sanctions for two decades by making these sanctions by making sanctions Erdogan in his first visit to Sudan in 2107 and signing a number of agreements that have been made. $ 39 million meant. But it confirms that it takes Suakin's administration against the city of Jeddah, which is a major concern for Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in particular for Turkey based a military base in Somalia and Qatar, for which it is Saudi Arabia. to reconcile between the countries of Africa's horn to protect it from foreign interference, after the Saudi government was raised a blind eye to the Turkish project, however, after the Turkish project became active after the failure of the Brotherhood project in Egypt, attempted to make the fraternity their leaders to Turkey and Qatar, thereby expressing political and military ambitions. Bashir took an intermediate position, and tried not to punch Saudi Arabia, but the Brotherhood project is active and the Sudan is an important base.

Turkey, which is the pattern of the political Islam, has destroyed Bashir as a strategically linked, attention to her to strengthen her influence in & # 39; an Arab-African region benefiting from a Saudi-Egyptian ash.

There are two actions, supporters of the resistance and resistance of the project by Wilayat al-Faqih consider the Islamic republic as leader of & # 39; an Islamic world, and also supporters of the project of Muslim political brethren, Erdogan considers the leader of the Islamic world, so they see that Sheikh Qaradawi is the authority of & # 39; naming Muslims, followed by his deputy Kara Daghi, When we look at the boycott of Qatar Arabia, Iran and Turkey have supported Qatar support, read as humanitarian aid, but actually the # & # 39; a crisis, so that Qatar signs these two countries, and now both projects are on Qatar when they list the United States Revolutionary Guards on the terrorist list.

Turkey worked to reinforce its military presence on the Sudanese island of Suakin, which it needed to make it known as the Ottoman Empire legacy

The Saudi Red Sea, which completed its project when it started on the project of riparas at the Red Sea, came to competition in & # 39; A Horn of Africa, after Turkey established a base in Somalia before setting up a base in Qatar a year, that means Saudi Arabia and Egypt are strengthening the Horn of Africa, the "Red Sea" is The Bab al-Mandab Straits on the Arabian Sea are located at the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea, alongside the Gulf of Aden, has strategic, economic and security interests that cannot be dispensed with.

The Turkey found a chance in that region, especially when the weak countries were found in internal conflicts and lacks or resources and poverty, which knew and made resistance in Saudi Arabia and established an economic bloc between these countries.

Al-Bashir's side contains three decades of the political Islam project of its brotherhood, which was a failure in Egypt in & # 39; the hands of the Egyptian army to support Saudi Arabia, after the Egyptian people a control revolution in 2013 against the rule of the elected Muslim Brotherhood, Tunisia, The Shiites of Wilayat al-Faqih , represented by the Dawa Party, the only Arab state in the two projects, namely, the two projects failed in Iraq. And also Nes, Sudan Today, there has been warned by the Algerian army of stealing Brotherhood of the Algerian Revolution after Bouteflika stepped down, but the army took over the ranks.

The solution of & # 39; a political fortress e Islam in Sudan, and the recognition of al-Bashir before its isolation the failure of the so-called Islamic economy and banks deploy the so-called Islamic benefits of 15 percent, which is much higher than the advantages of banks called ribaism. That means that Muslim political Islam and its projects failed as the promotion of Islamic bank planning. And the Islamic financial system focuses on participation, not on benefits, a system that Muslims could not succeed in.

Erdogan has taken the Sudanese region as the focus of pressure on Saudi Arabia, which is above Egypt against & apos; s of & # 39; a political stream from a Muslim franchise, but Bashir has faced several problems and obstacles, especially the sanctions of & # 39; the United States, which in 2017 were removed from Saudi print since 1997 and 70% Sudan's oil after the separation of the southern entry of 2011, Bashir eventually took rights of & # 39; A man who killed 300,000 people in Darfur in 2003, accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and found that the Bashir International Tribunal visited and was delighted to visit foreign countries in a friendly manner.

Bashir has been at & # 39; power since 1989 & # 39; the strength and the formation of a military military council for two years, despite the rejection of the meeting of Sudanese professionals, the lead organizer of & # 39; a protest against Bashir, but the European Commission called on all parties in Sudan on the same day Bashir not to deceive violence, and considered the representative of Sudan in the United Nations that the Bashir's denial was an internal partner and argued that the Timely Military Council will assess the election of a civilian government.

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