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Barcelona falls to Camp Nou after two years.


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November 13, 2018 Opening hours
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November 13, 2018 / 00:02

Real Betis made a huge impact on Lionel Messi's stadium race and made a huge loss to Team Barcelona 4-3 at Camp Nou, their first home two years ago in Spain's 12th stage of football.

Messi was disappeared in Seville with a 4-2 victory over the second Andalucia team in the ninth round of the 20th of October. If the Catalan team fails to compete in five games, they will win Real Madrid 5-1, Closico 5-1, Rayo Vijcano 3-2, Coltoural Deportiva Lonsa 32, Inter Milan 2-0, Champions League third round It took first place in the fourth round.

But the return of "fleas" was not a good sign for his team and his colleagues. He has had many good luck during the game, but has lost his first home with his second season since 2016 (42 games). Two goals from the penalty, two goals from Catalonia, but Barcelona scored 24 goals and Real Betis had a disappointing result. (3 defeats, 1 win).

Barcelona's captain Ernesto Valverde said: "Although we like to take the lead, we always hope to do our best. Riga is very strong and this loss helps to keep in mind that winning is never easy. "Barca, who missed Brazilian Felipe Coutinho's injury, was ahead of the Atletico Madrid summit on Tuesday.

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