Monday , March 8 2021

Bahrain – Golf News | How much did Capitol build in America in the Arab world?

(MENAFN – Akhbar Al Khaleej) Many have questioned the prevalence of conspiracy inside the Capitol Building (the headquarters of the US Congress) – specifically of the Democratic Party – to facilitate the riots and the attacks that President Trump support to storm the building in the wake of the January 6 events, with the intention of further implicating Trump in the attack on the institution Democracy, and his attempt to get the results of the recent US election, which Trump more than once described as “fraudulent, and suspicions of this hidden collusion on the part of the Democratic Party in facilitating the storm operation, have surprised many by calling that the building guards and security forces had no real resistance to it. storming the Congress building, “with the aim of involving Trump more in the burglary.

Whether these doubts are believed or not, this means that the catastrophic scenario created by former President Obama in 2011 of regimes and governments – particularly in the Arab world – by rioting and staged demonstrations, storming the anarchists’ headquarters, hospitals, libraries and museums, prison robberies, and the release of criminals … This destructive scenario for civilization that Obama created in 2011 in the Arab region is happening now in America itself, not just in Washington, but you will see it a lot seen in other American cities.

Two days ago I saw a video in which an American girl appeared speaking, and against the background of her photo was a tape of the attackers storming the Capitol building, breaking doors and windows, and destroying offices. She says: “This what you see now is what America did in many countries in the world, and I counted some of these countries, including Iraq, Venezuela and Afghanistan. I can add to her information what America did in 2011. in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Syria .. and before that in Iraq in 2003.

And to be clear … this is what the Democratic Party did when it ruled through Obama in 2011. And if the burglars of the Capitol building joined President Trump and the Republican Party on January 6, that does not mean Democrats’ hands are clean in America because they were among others The instigators of violence and sabotage and incitement to conflict between people on the streets in the past year as part of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement. Obama himself made statements that at the time caused conflict in the streets … and the liberal and socialist left in the Democratic Party will put pressure on violence and clashes in the streets between pro-Democrats against the Trump public and the Republican Party … because this socialist left in the party is based on its culture and policies about demolishing everything that exists today and building something new in its place, even if the price for it is death and the displacement of thousands of people is!


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