Monday , August 15 2022

Ahmed Helmy announces the date of the show Little Big Stars – Video


Follow-up to the Gulf War 365: Egyptian star Ahmed Hilmi officially announced the release of his Little Big Stars show.

Ahmed Hilmi has posted an official page on a social networking site called Bromo for this program, which will show a return to the children's program, which began on November 17th via the "MBC – Egypt" screen.

Ahmed Helmy hosts Little Big Stars for many talented children in the arts, sciences, sports and social sectors.

Ahmed Hilmi, who has already published more than one program, including a "children's play" program early in his career, needs to note that this experience is not new.

Little Big Stars Show Date Announcement – Thank you for reading the story of Ahmed Helmi and letting me know that the content of the topic has been written by the stripper and may have been fully circulated or quoted, and that you can read and read fairly Thank you and we are not responsible. Please pray for Happy Day and let us know what this news is about.

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