Wednesday , July 28 2021

Understand a "too birdy" rock of Pugacheva for the song "Iceberg": Music: Culture:

The State Television and Radio Committee of Russia published a video of Alla Pugacheva for the song "Iceberg" in its original quality. It's placed on YouTube for the 70th anniversary of & # 39; s singer, who & # 39; s partying on April 15th.

According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", on the Internet, it is easy to find this video, but in poor quality, recorded from a TV. No VGTRK ever archived video.

The publication adds that, after the premiere of the video in 1984, the leadership of Leningrad television also considered it fully. The video is prohibited from leaving in the air, but was later returned.

The video is depicted in Sochi. In the story, the hero dog Pugatúva is driven by an unknown person into a sleep. On the way back, the singer goes back – this position and honed television authorities. In & # 39; the end causes sleep to be executed by itself.

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