Friday , May 7 2021

“Three days were in a state of divorce”: Agutin honestly told about Varum’s public betrayal in Jurmala

Leonid Agutin recalls with a shudder the events of 2011 in Jurmala, when he kissed a stranger in public. The artist was not embarrassed by the fact that his wife was very close: she was resting in a hotel room. The paparazzi filmed how hot the musician’s embrace with his mistress was. Therefore, the fans unfortunately waited for the quick announcement of the breakdown. A few days later, however, Angelica unexpectedly announced that this was out of the question.

In a recent interview, 52-year-old Agutin told how events actually developed then. “My wife and I still call this video – ‘my popular video’. I was obviously drunk. I do not know who was filming it. I can imagine: there are a lot of people around, and this is just happening your eyes. He came himself, no need to follow the person, just stand and get up. For a few minutes my roof slipped down. It was an uncomfortable moment. My wife and I then had a fight, we did not agree “We had a fight, but we were very excited. We were divorced for three days, but then we could not,” the musician confessed in an interview with journalist Yuri Kostin.

The artist noted that he has since been wary of parties and is no longer trying to get into such situations. According to the star, he was just tired after hard work on that bad night. Angelica could understand her husband and forgive him for fleeting weakness.

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‘It’s uncomfortable because we’re all living people, that’s how any of us can happen. And if you look from the outside at some of your clearly drunk behavior, then your personality size becomes equal at that point. And you understand this, you immediately see how you decrease-decrease before our eyes. And everything you have done before becomes small, and this is unfortunately the most important thing. “Now I do not try to allow this, I generally stay away, I’m afraid of public meetings, because I already have less power, ‘he said on Yuri Kostin’s YouTube channel.

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