Friday , May 7 2021

The unlucky actress from Ekaterinburg gave a gang of films by Gaya Ricci

Leon Yanin will play a role in the movie Gaya Ricci
Leon Yanin will play a role in the movie Gaya Ricci

Yekaterinburg, Leon Yanin, is celebrating the jail for the British film-maker Gaya Ricci, who was tagged with societies. Like Starhit, Leon's couple of months ago turned the knife into the video player, where he squeezed the wheel in his hands.

– I sniff the video on the phone: In the Englishman, the Englishman turned to the star, pulled the wheel and started to squeeze it. Stinging to the house did not come, and the sun was shining, – said Leon. – Rollik has sent the actor to the directory. I would like to take care of my wheelchair. However, the answer to this question was to consult with Jayson Stetimus – his, his profile. Nothing was over. I think that they have been annoyed, but I have been told by a couple of days that I have been transferred to Rihi.

Another thing about the actor's appointment was to give a representative of Gaya Ritchie and propose to take a look at the role of "a pale Russian couple".

– The tests are held in Europe in the vicinity. At the end of the night in Moscow, people came to the fore. They did not know that they were the Jews. Signed up a part of the brochure, nowadays it's a wall, – said Janin.

Leon also said that he had been "in free swim" for three more years, and tried to break into a variety of movies and movies, but he did not.

A short while in the wake of the trilateral tour of the Ice Age of Yekaterinburg – 2009 Irina Antonenko. In the meantime, the company's subscription is underway to the funicular, which is unaware that the New Year's Eve will be on the hill. However, the advent of the hottest nightmare came to an end – the most up-to-the-minute hitchhiker slammed over.

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