Thursday , June 1 2023

The Duma attorney displayed the lunch value in the restaurant.


Moscow, November 14 – RIA News. Alexander Khinshtein, a Twitter agent on Duma in the Samara area, posted a menu photo in the House of Representatives restaurant.

vending machine. Archive photo
We have proposed to ban the sale of chips and soda at the school in Dumas.

The figure shows that the price range of the dishes varies within 200 rubles.

In addition, Hinstein shared his dinner photos with subscribers, which cost 253 rubles.

In a commentary on Channel 5, Khinshtein explained that in this way he would like to throw away the "Dune" myth to the country's two docks.

Restaurant FGBU's work combines strength Kremlin. Archive photo
"Kremlin Diet": The manager talked about menus in restaurants and cafes.

A lawmaker said, "There is no doubt that this is fake. The restaurant has never been cheaper for at least 10-15 years." He added that the price of a restaurant can not be called "crazy expensive" at the same time.

As Hinstein pointed out, there are rumors that supporters are having dinner for 20 rubles.

"It makes me slightly embarrassed," he said.

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