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Testosterone helps effective people with depression "Interesting News OAnews


Scientists: Testosterone helps effective men with depression

Scholars have put together a study that has therapeutic effects in using testosterone. This component has indicated its effectiveness in # society's # 39; The male body in the fight against depression, the hormone is responsible for a positive mood.

Experts have evaluations based on the topic of studying the effect of 'androography' on the negative manifestations that are rated in middle men. In the course of work, doctors analyzed data of 27 clinical tears that previously fled. As a platform scientists used the theory that the maximum level of testosterone decreases with age. This leads to an important vulnerability of representatives of a strong half of human beings from depressed states. This view is not supported by all special doctors. The authors of the new study have determined their position. She stated the existence of a high probability that "helping part of patients suffering from depression testosterone feel".

Analysis of the positive effect of the hormone to improve the mood in men who lead to depressed manifestations was assessed at high doses. In experiment, however, all groups of volunteers, however, responded to therapeutic effects that use the testosterone.

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