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"Sleeping giant" for Ari. Will there be a scandal in the Russian national team? | Football | sports


Another naturalized player appeared on the Russian soccer team. And it seems to be able to "blow away" the atmosphere of universal worship developed around the team since the 2018 World Cup.

How Mario Fernandez Justified Naturalization in Soccer

Questions about whether the national team needed a naturalized player for a long time remained suspended. In the 1990s and 2000s, attempts to strengthen the composition of foreigners failed because of strong opposition from soccer players and fans. Basketball American John Robert Holden Won the Russian European Championship at Korea Short Range Victorian In mini-football, several Brazilian players once defended Russian honor, but did not allow classic football as a banner.

The changed public opinion has a name and a surname – Mario Fernandez.

Mario Figueira Fernandez from Brazil and a Russian citizen with a new passport in the 2018 World Cup were excited. The footballer scored a PK team shot against the Russian team in a match against Croatia and did not feel sorry for himself from the beginning to the last minute. And even the fact that Fernandez missed this series did not respect him.

We can say that Russian Fernandez was caught for himself. After that, the fans felt calm in the Russian team, even four naturalized players. For example, with the exception of Fernandez, for example, the goalkeeper was exited in the national League of Nations game. Marinato Gilmer (Brazil) Constantin Roussu And Romani Steadet (In the past, he was a German).

Silva Pereira Ari Crenades, Ari

And everything will be okay, but the fifth player will be added to this list, a 32-year-old striker from Ariklenes da Silva Ferreira, Krasnodar football club better known as Ari.

In Russia, Ari has been playing since 2010, during which time he defended the colors of Spartak and Lokomotiv in addition to Krasnodar. In 2006, Ari was invited to the Brazil national team, but he never got in. Coaches then lost interest in Russia, but in Russia, team coach Fabio Capello, on the other hand, hinted that he had the chance to play in the world and European championships with Russian citizenship. Ari fired with this idea, but the process was slow, and as a result, the striker could not play in the 2018 World Cup because he received a Russian passport only in July 2018.

The story of inviting a Brazilian former has recently started with new strength. Ari played well in the club and he has scored seven goals and four assists in 11 appearances this season. And when the team has forwards and problems – Kokorin Sit, Smolov I played poor and got another injury. Artem Dzyuba.

"I am very happy, this is my dream"

As a result, Stanislav Cherchesov invited Ari to gather his team before a meeting with Germany and Sweden. "I am very happy, this is my dream," said a good Russian speaking striker.

In the next national team, Mario Fernandez caused a concussion in CSKA and Italy's "Rome" match. Therefore, the total number of naturalized players does not increase. But if Fernandez does not have an enemy and an enemy, Ari has them.

First, you can not call him a promising player. He is 32 years old and I think many people would like to play with Russian youths instead of Brazilian veterans. However, this claim against Stanislav Cherchesov can hardly be considered justified, as Fyodor Chalov (20), CSKA's current nine-goal Russian champion, was also invited to the training camp.

Second, through years of performances in Russia, ARI became a subject of controversy by participating in the difficult conflicts in the field.

"I will not watch the Russian national team with Ari's participation,

Ari's invitation-protest leader became a hero of the 2008 European Championship striker. Rome Pavlyuchenko.

"Did Ari call the Russian national team? Well, we do not have our own Russian players, and I have a motivating reason for Ari, and I will not watch the Russian national team with Ari's involvement. It turns out that this player has a special feeling in the Russian Cup final, a half of the Brazilian players, half of the Russian players, what kind of team is it is better to call the Russian soccer player. Does the team have anyone to call the national team? We have an attacker who can replace the same Juba.

For me, this situation is really wild. He is headed behind Russian soccer players and is sent to the Russian national team. I think this is wrong. So I will not see the national team play with him, "Pavlyuchenko quoted Sport24.com.

Massacre in Russian Cup Final

In May 2017, Moscow's Rokomotiv played by Ari and Pavljechenko's Ural met in the Russian Cup final. The game is marked as a fight and four players, including Ari, have been eliminated. The Brazilians actually demonstrated the skill of the fighter. "Ural" Attack from behind the captain. Artem Fidler, He hit him with some blows on his head. Forward himself explained that he stood this way to the teammate. "I can say that Artyom Fidler hit Farfan.

Lokomotiv won the match and won the Russian Cup. He won the prize for victory and Ari, and decided to disqualify him. The attacker of Pavlyuchenko was awarded an epithet, most of which can not be cited for censorship. "I came to Russia and shook my rights" – this is the softest thing a man has ever talked about in AriGuus Hiddink reporter "Sleeping giant".

A culprit of controversy

In fact, fans in Yekaterinburg have not forgotten the story of Brazil last year and still have forgotten about half of the problems. Arri went into hate in 2018. In August, the Spartak game forward Red and White Defender Samuel I put my head on my face. For this trick, he removed from the field and disqualified three games.

I can say that I am a serious person in Ari's life. Sometimes, after a crash, a football player can help save people. However, the character of Roman Pavlyuchenko's national team has already become a hot topic among fans. You can say that the audience is divided into Ari's supporters and opponents.

The situation is not really good. If Arri is not restrained by nature and fighting with someone on the team, it can have serious consequences for the team's atmosphere.

Worse, if a Brazilian player fails the team in the field. Then the fans will eat "the living thing" and the person who invited Ari to the national team. Of course, the reliability of Stanislav Cherchesov is very high, but we must not forget that the atmosphere of the public is very unreliable.

In short, the national team's Ari is a bomb. But no one knows who will suffer from an "explosion" whether rival or Russian.

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