Thursday , January 20 2022

Scientists know why women like shopping and people like cars.


Scientists at the University of Cambridge say that the mother's hormonal traits affect the love and affection for a particular activity.

They were able to understand why women liked to shop and talk to their girlfriends, and men were interested in cars, sporting events and devices. It turns out that gender stereotypes lie within the uterus.

Experts surveyed systematization experts and engineers, and about 670,000 people participated in the study. Organization is much more likely to be systematically analyzed by males. Women are more related to empats. The difference in behavior depends on the amount of testosterone and estrogen in the human body.

They explained that the emotional background of a child depends on the amount of male hormone, or the amount of female hormone in the uterus. Testosterone affects children 's tranquility and estrogenic excitability, scientists said. Another interesting feature is that the mother's testosterone levels can affect the size of the child's fingers. The index will be lower compared to no name.

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