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Sberbank made one-off payments of 1,000 rubles to bank card institutes

The & # 39; s Sberbank's credit organization, despite the beneficial service provision in Russia, offers many other large banks much more attractive rates for their services. The overwhelming majority of Russians, however, have the largest and most famous bank, which is the majority of the state, and therefore most reliable. In honor of the new year, the financial institution decides to grab bank card printers.

It is no secret that in recent years the Sberbank has been actively seeking its strength in new businesses, including the television service brand. To do this, the company recently launched the mobile operator SberMobile. All citizens of the Russian Federation support it on & # 39; a first stage can pay once in the amount of 1,000 rubles. These funds can be used to pay the tariff plan, where the connection and the mobile internet falls for more than fifty months if you choose the appropriate rate plan.

To get a 1,000 rubles payment, it needs in one of & # 39; s sebank's of & # 39; write a credit organization from & # 39; s Sberbank through December 31, 2018 including an application for & # 39; a service from SberMobile's mobile operator, and always with the old number. In this case, the subscription will immediately receive 200 rubles after the transfer. The remaining 800 rubles will be received in & gt; unchanged laps over the next four months, regardless of whether the number is used.

One of & # 39; the advantages of & # 39; The new mobile operator is that all 100% of its services can be paid for the use of the "Thank you" bonus points, and Sberbank determines a credit card payment for goods and services. This means that if you often pay for a throat, you can always free the mobile internet and voice communication. The most important thing to have time to take action until December 31, to receive one-thousand-one rubles in one day will not work.

Previously, Sberbank first told how & # 39; t you are using a bank card properly so that money is not offended by it.

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