Monday , November 29 2021

Russia's head narcologist named a medicine: Society: Russia:


The head-to-head psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health has Evgeny Brun condemned the rules for using wines to warn. She told the office "Moscow".

"You can drink only when you are just a little cold if you're really cold in the cold, as a tool, and not as an alcoholic product in large numbers, which must be a lot of stress," he warned.

Brun replied that the formation of alcohol understands its absorption in the blood, resulting in an "alcaline knock on the head." It is also not advisable to mix mild winters with some chocolate.

He also did not offer drinking wine along with other alcoholic drinks by varying alcoholism in different people. "For some people, the processing of alcohol by the body takes three days, and for some, up to three weeks," he said.

In October, the utility of refinement was refined. It has shown that drinking one or two standard alcoholic beverages more than three times a week increases the risk of deadly increase by 20 percent.

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