Saturday , December 4 2021

Russians have been rushed to the car and paid a fine: Общество: Россия:


Murmansk, who was shot down in the hospital, wrote a video recorder who had been spotty about her. On Tuesday, November 23, it was announced on the site of the Murmansk region.

As she went out in the check, her husband went out of the house and entered the wording woman with a second car. Wheelchairs were restrained, but returned to their car, the mourners ran out in the address of the poorer visitors, so they did not hesitate. On the following date, the video recording with the "VKontakte" has been published.

Потерпевшая увидела ролик and обратилась в полицию.

The man underlined that he did not find a woman in the course of the conversation, and went to the closed towers and stairs. The Security Council is proof that it has been approved by the Administrative Officer of the Administrative Court on 1 article 5.61 of the Code of Rapporteur ("Accordion").

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